Hot Tub Heater 30 KW (internal)

Aluminum internal furnace of the Hot Tub Heater 30KW heats efficiently tubs with up to 2,5 m diameter tubs. Two pipes filled with water go through the furnace and make it especially effective. The furnace is made of 3 mm thick quality sea resistant aluminum, which has very good heat conductivity. Sea aluminum furnace has a long lifetime.

Details of the furnace:
  • Measures 800 x 300 x 750 mm.
  • Total weight 21 kg.
  • High quality MIG and TIG welding.
  • All welding seams are hermetically tested.
  • 2 m high module chimney with stainless steel cap.
Power: 30 kW (1 m³ water temp. raises to 20° C/h)

Hot Tub Heater 30 KW
Hot Tub HeaterHot Tub Heater

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