Swimming Pool Heater 60KW

The Swimming Pool Heater 60KW   can efficiently heat pools with a capacity of up to 25m³. The heaters   are made of high quality 3-mm-thick marine resistant aluminium, which   has very good thermal conductivity   and a very long life. The welds of all the heaters are tested individually.   The back of the heater has 1 ½" thread pipes.
The heater needs a circulation pump. The set includes a modular 2m-high chimney with a stainless steel cap. Crickets can be ordered optionally.

  • Dimensions: 650x650x1200 mm
  • Total Weight: 75 kg;
  • Capacity: 60 kW (3°C temperature increase per 11 m³ of water per hour)

swimming pool heater
swimming pool heater
swimming pool heater

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