The Wooden Bath Barrel (internal heater)

The wooden bath barrel has a diameter of 1800 mm and it may be used by up to 6 persons. The bath barrel is manufactured of quality fir-wood or  thermally modified wood (the staves are 42 mm thick) and only fasteners of stainless steel have been used. The bath barrel has been finished with finishing tar which is ecologically clean and gives the wood a lovely, dark brown and transparent surface, while the surface of the wood remains enduring and easy to clean.

The set contains:
  • Wooden bath barrel made of fir-wood (oiled)
  • Steps
  • Cover
  • Benches
  • An internal heater made of marine aluminium
  • Edge boards
  • Safety fence
Heating time: 5–38˚C/2.5 h

the wooden bath barrel

the wooden bath barrel

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